High Pressure Cleaning

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With over 12 years experience in High Pressure Cleaning we can give your home or commercial premises a total face-lift. Using technically advanced 4000 psi (21 litre per minute) High Pressure Cleaning equipment, Highlander Power Wash offers a service that is structured for full customer satisfaction.

High Pressure Cleaning

We offer services that can give your home the sparkle it deserves and can also add thousands of dollars to the value of your home if you have decided to sell.

Refresh and brighten walls, driveways, entrances, pathways,  swimming pool surroundings or hard tennis courts.

We also High Pressure Clean external areas of Schools, Gymnasiums,  Shopping centres, Municipal buildings, Offices, Petrol Stations, Railway Stations and Warehouses.

Internal High Pressure Cleaning of  Warehouses and Workshops.